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Majestic Howler by Emowolf145 Majestic Howler :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 1 0 Howler and the Moon by Emowolf145 Howler and the Moon :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0 Emowolf145 by Emowolf145 Emowolf145 :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 1 0
The Sins of Many
I carry the sins of others
I wear the pain as red lines
I'm so ready to die
How can people be so cruel?
Just used as a tool
Wrong lovers
This world is so wrong
I sing its sad song
Heart of gold
Beautiful I was told
Now left cold
You can only take so much before you break
Give and take
Left like I was nothing
Hope lost
Die or live hollow
Is there a tomorrow?
The memories
All that was said and done
Just gone
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
I thought I could do this
I thought I could prove that I'm as strong as everyone says I am
But I know myself better than anyone
I'm not strong
I break
I bleed
I gave in
I always do
There's no fighting
There's no winning
I know
My demons never leave me be
They like to taunt and tease
I never sleep
I am at defeat
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
Fighting a War by Emowolf145 Fighting a War :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 2 0 Dawnsong collab by Emowolf145 Dawnsong collab :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 1 0 Aura Wolf by Emowolf145 Aura Wolf :iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 1 0
Be my light and I'll look for you on the darkest nights. I wait for Mr right to hold me tight. Anxiety, depression through it all and never let me fall never left to crawl. Mend this broken heart, heal the scars and together we can aim for the stars. I've been hurt and thrown to the dirt. Black and blue, bloody and bruised. This girl that smiles, they never knew, never knew the pain grew. Give too much and I got crushed. I hold on to the hope that he will come along. My prince charming to love me and help me up when I fall. I'll give you my heart if you'll take it just don't break it.
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
Not Innocent Anymore
She is no longer the innocent little girl she was
Her innocence tainted and corrupted
Dark and twisted
Demons are her only friends
She knows they'll be there until the end
The only thing she was gifted
She listens to them call as they catch her when she falls
Her sanity drifted
She's not the innocent little girl she was
Her wings torn from her back
Love she now lacks
Her eyes misted
She plays in the dark
On her evil makes its mark
All so wicked
She's not the innocent little girl she was
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
Battle Born
I'll impale you with the Master sword
Chainsaw your ass with my lancer
Snipe your head like a Carmine
You're falling behind
Just the Last of Us? Well you're Left for Dead
I'm Infamous, Uncharted
I'll leave you Dishonored in Oblivion
The prophecy in the Fable turning the Gears of War
Lead by my God of War
Following my Call of Duty raiding tombs
My Primal instincts coming through
My Bloody Roar
Spiting fire like Spyro
Crashing like a bandicoot
On dragons I soar
I'll have a Mass Effect causing you a BioShock
Shredding a guitar like a hero of rock
No extra lives
You're running out of time
No continues
I'll finish you
No re-spawns
This time I won.
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
Vessel of Pain
She fell again
To fall comes only pain
She won't be the same
What was left of her gone
She will pretend she's fine
But inside she died
She pops sleeping pills like candy
She has razors handy
She listens to the voices in her head
Making her skin red
She's not strong like they say
Because in the end she pays
Memories and thoughts on replay
Today is the day she hopes she fades away
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 2 0
Blacked out her eyes
Try not to cry
Fake a smile
Pretend it doesn't hurt
She will brave the cold today
Just to see him
She's either really brave or incredibly stupid
Only time will tell
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
I Wonder...
Do you look at your phone hoping I text you?
Do you think I miss her too?
Do you look through the pictures you took of me?
Wishing of what used to be.
Do you hang your head in sorrow like I do?
When you breathe do you feel battered and bruised?
Do you still have my number?
Perhaps look over the last texts?
Remembering, or did you get rid of that too?
Do you feel bad maybe sad?
Do you hope to see me one more time?
Am I still on your mind?
Are you in pain?
I do too...
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
Damned and Damaged
I'm sorry.
I'm not heartless.
I cannot say I hate you and mean it.
I hoped you suffer but I couldn't bare that.
I prayed you were OK today.
No matter what you said I am not heartless.
God made me to care, love and be kind.
No matter if it means I'll get hurt which I usually do.
You made up your mind but I still hope.
No matter how broken I am how bad you hurt me.
I still care.
I can't hide or deny my feelings.
What you said...what we did...
I can't let that go.
Can you?
Did it mean anything?
I can't...take this.
I can' this.
Be my friend at least please don't go.
Please don't leave like the rest.
They all do, every time.
I don't want to think you're like them.
I always....I'm...always...not again.
I can't do this again.
I fake a smile pretend it's all OK.
I'm lying to myself.
Look at what you did to me.
Made me feel again then took it away.
How how could you?
How could you play with me like that? I am not a video game.
I can't go through this again.
I need to know wh
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 0 0
You and I
Take my hand and walk with me.
I'll show you how beautiful true love can be.
Just you and me.
Through the Garden of Eden.
We will not be beaten.
I will love you forever.
To leave I shall never.
No pressure, no expectations, no temptation.
Take my hand and walk with me.
Show me how beautiful your love can be.
You and I.
Be my sky and help me to fly.
Dry my tears when I cry.
Never leave.
Let our hearts interweave.
Don't overthink, don't second guess.
Don't leave me a mess.
Take my hand and walk with me.
I'll give you my love.
Everything we dreamed of.
Just you and me.
:iconemowolf145:Emowolf145 1 0


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